Our Model

Outpatient Model

We use an outpatient treatment model so families can remain at home and develop strategies to repair relationships.

Team Approach

We are a group of experienced therapists who specialize in working with high-conflict families and create an individualized team for each family that works together to achieve the best outcome. Families are matched with a team of three therapists and appointments are scheduled at one of those therapists’ private offices in the Chicago area.

Core Belief

  • The needs of the children come first.
  • Good child adjustment allows healthy development.
  • Children thrive when they have the best possible relationship with both parents.
  • Children should never be in the middle of conflict.
  • Treatment requires the involvement of both parents.
  • Families need a safe, respectful environment to reorganize relationships and resolve conflict.
  • The more quickly relationships between children and parents are repaired, the easier the adjustment is for children.